Integral Energetics

What is Integral Energetics?

Integral Energetics is the science and art of connecting with your energy to help facilitate healing in your body, mind and spirit.




• Yoga Therapy Trainings & Workshops

• Work Place Wellness Programs

•Integral Energetic Trainings & Workshops


Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

• Group Classes

• Private Sessions


"I truly wish there were the “right words” to properly explain how my life changed after I began working with Freia. If it were possible, I’d have every person I know, spend a few sessions with her to see how easily and quickly this “magic” that she has can be incorporated into your life." -Brandi Hamerstone

Therapeutic Massage & Symphony of the Cells with Essential Oils

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine




Acupuncture, one of the major modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is among the world’s oldest forms of holistic medicine.

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