Integral Energetics

Integral Energetics is the science and art of connecting with and optimizing your energetic bodies to facilitate healing and function at their best.  Integral Energetics is a form of Energetic Medicine that helps guide individuals to release held traumas, wounds and blocked pathways to realize greater peace in their life.  More often than not the release of these blockages facilitates the release of chronic issues such as physical pain, emotional pain and brings renewed energy and life to our clients.

Integral Energetics or Energetic Medicine helps the body heal by activating its natural ability to heal by restoring the energies that have become weak and out of balance in our systems, leading to dis-ease and and sickness.

Integral Energetics recognizes that energy is a vital, living, and evolving force that influences much about our health and well being. Happiness included.

In Integral Energetics, energy is the medicine and is also the client. There can be no separation between the two.


Integral Energetics Techniques

Techniques will vary during each session based on what the client needs at that moment. Techniques can include but are not limited to the list below.

• HEF Chelation    • Chakra Clearing/Balancing    • Energetic Grounding and Centering

• Cranial Sacral Therapy    • Etheric Body Restructuring    • Past Life Healing    • Hara Healing

• Belief Management    • Release of Energetic Entities


Session Fee

$100 per session

(Each session lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours)

To Book a Session call 440-591-0523 or Click Book Now!

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Integral Energetics Distance Healing

Distance Healing works with the ancient esoteric saying "Energy Follows Thought." Distance Healing also works with what modern Quantum Physics is provingover and over again; that the space between you and I, the space between I and anything is really an illusion. Or what we might call a huge misunderstanding.

In many ways Distance Healing can be much easier and effective because it allows us to let go of many preconceived beliefs and allow our healing to happen with less or little constraints.


Session Fees

60 minute - $100.

90 minute - $125.

To Book a Session call 440-591-0523 or Click Book Now

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