Cat/Cow is a spinal flexion and extension exercise that moves your spine in two of the six directions that it naturally moves. This is a great sequence to do if your back feels tight or achey and as a warm-up for more vigorous exercise of any kind. When you undulate your spine, you nourish and strengthen the muscles of your entire spine, shoulders, hips and pelvis and hydrate the inter-vertebral discs. You also wake up the core stabilizing muscles that protect your back from injury.
In a tabletop position, with shoulders over the wrists and hips over the knees, start to place weight evenly through the hands and legs. On an inhalation expand the belly toward the floor, lift the gaze toward the third eye, send energy up through the sternum and the tailbone as they tilt toward the sky.
On the exhalation, draw your belly button toward the spine rounding your back, scoop the tailbone, allow the chin to rest on the chest, and gaze toward the nose. Synchronize your movement with your breath as you flex and extend your spine. Close your eyes and feel your body moving through space. Imagine that you are moving through warm water; moving your spine in a slow and relaxed way as if it were floating in the waves.