Chair Twist

Is your back and or your mind tight or tense? Use these seated twists to wring the tension out of the muscles of your back, outer hips, neck and shoulders, while resetting the nervous system.

Sit in the middle of the seat of your chair with a tall spine. Sit with your feet and knew together to begin. As you inhale sit up even taller, exhale and twist to your right looking over your right shoulder. As you inhale come back to center with a tall spine. As you exhale twist to the left looking over your left shoulder. Inhale back to center. Twist from side to side in this way at least three times on each side.

Next cross your right leg over your left. Sit up tall as you inhale. Exhale and twist to your right resting your left hand on your right knee. Hold the twist for 4 - 6 breaths if it feels good. This is the same position that you use to back up in your car so if it’s challenging for you it’s a good one for you to work on so that you’re able to back up safely with out pain.

After doing each side come back to center and sit with a tall spine with your bottom and back pushed to the back of the chair so that you can rest your back on the back rest. Breath in a relaxed way for a few moments to allow your spine to come back to a state of equilibrium.