Yoga and the Gift of Presence

By: Shanna Brown

There are many gifts from yoga. For me, the greatest gift of teaching yoga is the gift of presence and authenticity. There is something uniquely special about stepping onto your yoga mat and completely immersing yourself in the present moment. Every time I step onto my mat, I am making a commitment at that time to come to my mat exactly as I am. I am committing to showing up and being seen, no matter what that looks like. Some days I may look skinnier than others, happier than others, stronger than others, more energized than others, but no matter how I look or feel, I choose to show up again and again. It is amazing how focusing on something as simple as the breath can draw you away from all fears, thoughts and worries and bring you into the ‘now’. As a teacher, I model this to my students as best I can. I agree to show up and be present exactly as I am. Some days it is harder to teach than others. I may have had a challenging day at work or my body may be tight or sore. I come to my mat in front of the class and realize that showing up as I truly am is the most honest and authentic action I can do for my students. It develops connection as they see that we are all perfectly imperfect. We are all doing the best we can with what we have. What really matters as a teacher is that I show up and that I pull myself into the present moment, no matter what is going on in my life. It is my intention to encourage others in the class to do the same. I encourage everyone to be brave and experience the present moment and commit to spending one hour with their most authentic selves. Life rarely is what we expect it to be and this practice of accepting ourselves exactly as we are in the moment and truly honoring our unique beings will empower us beyond measure. I encourage everyone to give it a try. Brene Brown says it best, “Most people believe that vulnerability is weakness. But really, vulnerability is courage. We must ask ourselves…are we willing to show up and be seen?

Are you willing? Yoga on Tuesday nights might just be the way to get started.

Light and love to all!

Shanna Brown


David Ramsey

David Ramsey is an Intuitive Healer committed to helping individuals and communities thrive in health and vitality. His experience in the healing fields spans over two decades with over 2,500 hours of training professionally. The journey began with an introduction into conscious awareness of language patterns through NLP in 1999. David realized then that we hold those patterns in our bodies and began trainings in Massage Therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Five Element Theory, Intuitive Healing and Energetic Medicine to help individuals release those inhibiting patterns. David’s studies led to an even deeper examination of Consciousness and inquiry into our Belief Systems and how we can create and dis-create our beliefs at will to create a happier more joy full life.

David’s expertise and passion lies in assisting release of chronic concerns and issues on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. His approach to personal and professional growth is threefold in Body, Mind, & Spirit. When your body feels good your mind is free to create, and when your mind is free to create, you spirit can soar!

“Each person walks a path. My aim is to honor that path and help them expand the awareness of who they are to release Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual disharmonies. My hope and desire is to inspire people and help them experience joy in their life more often than not.” – David

David’s Certifications include: Graduated Phoenix Therapeutic Massage Collage (1993), Usui Reiki and Terra Mai Reiki Master Teacher (1993), Bachelors in Religious Studies from Arizona State University (1999), Graduated Zen Shiatsu School with added focus in Five Element Chinese Medical Theory (2003), Certificate in NLP (1989), Completed Avatar Master Training (2005) and Certified in Energetic Medicine through Victoria Merkle School of Energetic Medicine (2010).